La Mercè, the Barcelona ‘festa major’


Barcelona’s Festa Major begins on Friday 20 September, with the proclamation as the starting pistol, and will continue until Monday 24 September. Manuela Carmena, former major of Madrid, will be giving the proclamation in the Saló de Cent at Barcelona City Hall.

The illustrator Maria Corte signs this year the poster of the Mercè. Been born at Barcelona at 1983 and daughter of Argentinian parents, Corte has inspired at the iconography of Saint Mercè of South America and the Caribbean, an image of a black or mongrel woman. The illustrator has elected it so that it represents a lot of of the Barcelonan women, been born here or very immigrant.
The Mercè of the poster is also a merry woman with a hairstyle whence salt continuums the own elements of the main party: the castellers, the musicians, the beasts of fire, the sculptures of Miró and, even, the ship of Open Arms at the very top.
Since the year 2007, is tradition that Barcelona invite at a city in the world at the frame of the parties of the Mercè. This year the city invited is Beirut. The city, one of the most punished for the war, is also one of the big cultural centres in the world Arab. During the main party will program a twentieth of shows so much of musician, how of dance and arts of street. Besides, the Film library will devote a cycle on Lebanese cinematography

BAM y Mercè Musica

BAM and Mercè Música will be held at many venues throughout Barcelona from 20 to 24 September: from the Avenue of the Cathedral at the beach of the Bogatell, passing for the avenue of the Reina Maria Cristina, the Parallel or the Citadel, besides other arenas incorporated does a pair of years like the park of the Trinitat, the enclosure of Fabra and Coats or the Ancient beer Factory Damm

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