Dylan Rosser Photography


Dylan Rosser Photography, exhibition at Nightbarcelona

Penis portraits & artist selection

Dylan Rosser has been shooting the male nude for almost two decades and has worked with beautiful men from all around the globe. Based mainly in Ibiza (Balearic Islands), he often works in other locations like NYC, Paris, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Bali, Sydney.
His work has graced the covers of countless international publications and he has photographed many celebrities for GayTimes Magazine over the years, especially their regular “NAKED ISSUES” for charity.
However, his focus is on publishing beautiful coffee table books of his work, most recently his WET book, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter in about 24 hours!
In this exhibition, Dylan has chosen ten photos: five of his new project ‘PENIS PORTRAITS’ and five of his classic and preferred collection.