Photo exhibition: Guimaraes


Guimaraes: Guimaraes: Nudes in its pure state

MALE REVEALED BODY is a project created by the Brazilian photographer Guimaraes culminating from two years of research in nude black and white photography. Most of the pictures were taken into studio. The work presents the male nude body in it’s natural form through a poetic perception. The light delineates the body’s contour revealing the beauty of human nature in shapes, movements and textures. It represents a work of neither prejudgment nor misconception about nudity.

Guimaraes was born in Bahia – Brazil in 1973 and has been consolidating his career in the art major specially photography since 15 years ago creating his photo studio and taken courses in Sao Paulo and at International Center of Photography (New York). Nowadays he teaches digital photography, image treatment and develop personal projects to clients.